Helping find a missing person : mapping points where the sea can be seen ?


A hiker has been missing for a week. He called the emergency line and said he does not know where he is, but he can see the sea. The police was not able to precisely geolocate his cellphone and he is now out of battery.

I cannot find an article in English so here is a French one with a Google Translate link. Italian article here.

The area of interest is around the city of Policastro in Italia, in a 25km radius around it if I understand properly.

There are people trying to locate him but I think it would be helpful to have a map that shows all possible locations in the area where the sea can be seen. I think this can be calculated from topographical data.

I am pretty sure some GIS tools can do this ? If yes, it could be decisive and help finding him alive. It’s been a week now and the chances are getting slimmer every hour.

Then, we could overlay this map on top of an OpenStreetMap of the trails in the area.

If you have any idea of how to solve this problem, let us know ! You could save a life…

I have no link with the family but I just had this idea of using a GIS tool to map possible areas. I’m sure someone here has the tools to do this.


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